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Monthly Archives: July 2003

Good News I Have Been Waiting For

Teenagers and young adults spend more time on the Internet than watching television.

When The Light Rail Returns To Pasadena

Not as beautiful a sight as the swallows going back to Capistrano, but just as heartening.

Birthday Mixes

Songs from the Kissinger pinata.

Matrix Ping Pong

My jaw *dropped*.

Parties That Didn’t Suck

It was more constructive. We built a 5×5′ dance floor.

Bitch Watch

Bitch Magazine has published my article on “Like.” Subscribe!

We are truly blessed

KCRW to present concerts in NYC.

They’re Chewable!


Fascinating diseases

“I can feel them herpeying around up there!”

Detritus: “Kind of social… Demented and sad, but social.”

I’m having a maudlin evening in which it seems all I can think about, one way or another, is my relationships with people.