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Monthly Archives: July 2000

Local schools and the etymology of “mamí”

(adapted from a letter I sent to my former roomie today) I went to a meeting of local parents about the school system today. It was, of course, infuriating. I found out that the school next door to where I’ve been working ranks 656th out of 677 schools in the whole city. And it just […]


I told you so!

Links For The Day

Links for today: Look! It’s Slashdot! For Pokemon! (This is another Blogger-powered site. Thanks, Blogger!) Anything that looks like a Mad Lib is fine by me. My Dadaist pals and I used to play them every day at lunch, alternating with Hangman, which we played with alternative spellings when the games started getting too easy. […]

Teach Your Kids To Invest!

I find this really disturbing. Teach your kids that playing the stock market is a better way to make money than working?! Not only does that idea make my skin crawl– I’d rather see people try to change this system in which it genuinely isn’t profitable to work– it sounds genuinely dangerous. I just hope […]

Why I Don’t Trust Anything That Comes Over The AP Newswire

Three reasons for starters: Exhibit A: Some guy shot a bunch of people in the halls of Congress a few years ago, around when I was working at Sunset Magazine and started browsing headlines every hour or so. The bulletins from the Associated Press went something like this: first they reported that a small gang […]