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Category Archives: Stupid Media Tricks

Goodbye to Facebook?

Facebook, dammit, I wish I could quit you. I need to quit you. When Facebook played fast and loose with my privacy settings, I stayed. My friends kept track of how to fix them, and I’m pretty good at keeping on top of such things myself. When it got more and more obvious that Facebook’s […]

Before You Send Me That Forward


Attention cowboy journalists:


I like coloring books.

Especially coloring books developed by the CIA!

Unionize Everyone Now!

SAG attempts to organize reality TV. Take THAT, Taft-Hartley Act!

Why Johnny Can’t Post

I’ve hoped that the multidirectional quality of communication on the Internet would encourage people towards criticism of the worldview fostered by movies, advertising, and television, but is that really going to happen if people aren’t able to decode what they find on the Internet?

Airplanes, boxcutters… Quakers?

Alternative colleges portrayed as accomplices to terrorist acts.

Telvision Is Not The Message

Celebrity, pop culture references, the Internet and a model of media critique which is starting to sound old-fashioned.

Internet Becomes TV, Chapter 1(5,673?)

The Smoking Gun picked up by Court TV.

Good News I Have Been Waiting For

Teenagers and young adults spend more time on the Internet than watching television.