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Monthly Archives: September 2001

Notes From Around New York

Chinatown Friday night the cops’ interest in passers through the Canal Street boundary line cooled a little. Still we had trouble getting our speakers in for the panel discussion we were doing on Walker Street — they’d been at a peace vigil at Times Square with some 4,000 other people, and had been herded into […]

Comedy and Liberty

They told us to get back to work… but there werenÂ’t any jobs available for a man under his desk in the fetal position… which I gladly would have taken… –Jon Stewart I’m sitting here listening to the Daily Show as I type. Jon Stewart gave an unhumorous, bewildered, tearful opening monologue for their first […]

the day before, I was watching TV….

all the ads — all of them — were for political hopefuls — for mayor, for city council, for public advocate, for comptroller for g0d’s sake, democrats and republicans, everyone talking about how they stood up to the mayor or fought for more cops or to keep incinerators out of Brooklyn; I Fight For You, […]

Special Abilities

Gareth leaves the house maybe twice a week he has taken to role playing the sixteen-sided dice are all over the table I say this is called Depression, my friend, he says No it’s not I can show you the clinical definition of depression (weaponry: DSM IV).

Terrifying Celebrity Encounter #1: Campaign Season

I saw a sign advertising Mike Gioia for City Council today as Roger and I and James were heading out into Queens. “How do you like Green for Mayor?” I asked Roger. Roger figures Green as a center-right liberal, and says Ferrer is just a politician with his finger in the wind. Roger’s not up […]

Detritus Peripatetica: Nothing To Report But Little Moments Of Social Brilliance

Scene: stoplight on South Lake in Pasadena. I pull up alongside two young guys in an SUV. They start making little dog-whistles, in the way some guys do just to get you to turn and look at them. I hate that tactic. I shake my head slowly. They get frustrated. “Yes,” the one on my […]