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Monthly Archives: July 2004

New! Special tee!

Answer: it’s the grey one.

From The Vaults: Poetry Jar

At some point earlier in my life I had decided this system of writing down and randomly choosing ideas would be my means of staying fresh as a writer, of staying disciplined and busy. I never made use of the jar; systems like that have a way of frightening me off once I devise them. So I’m getting rid of it now, but I thought I’d post the contents.

Ugly Rumors About Hampshire

Grades? At Steve Weisler’s request?

Fourth (but actually my third)

Pointillistic wrap-up of my holiday in it’s-pronounced-West-Topsam.

No Phone

She was lookin’ for a phoooonnne, just a lookin’ for a phoooonnne!

DSWJ Character Shirts!

Who’s your favorite Sausage? Soft-Shoe ringer tee and Flamenco cami now available!

Detritus: Meme-linky Madness!

I saw my first fireworks the other day, not lit ones, but sodden remains on a beach in Boston where I knew I had been before, on a less beautiful but no less loved day, a ferocious rain coming down on me and my man and making illegible the windows of the car we were in. This time it was a different man, a different ex, a moving van, a brassy day recently polished by a June rain.