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Monthly Archives: August 2003

Women Versus Men (in Blogging)

Women journal-blog, while men blog about politics, according to a Blogcensus survey.

My Favorite Rock En Espanol People

(Sorry, can’t be bothered to fix that tilde-less N.) Cafe Tacuba.

Internet Becomes TV, Chapter 1(5,673?)

The Smoking Gun picked up by Court TV.

Part Two: Backwaters and Intergroup Strangerhood

Even with highly-connected avatars like God, the Borg, Camel Toe et al connecting you to people you do not know, there will always be people on Friendster to whom your connections do not extend within a reasonable number of separation degrees.

Failed Non-Celebrity Encounters: or, Strangers

Our generation is bound to have a very different concept of strangerhood than past ones.

Open Letter to Bacon

Bacon: The Other Extroverted Meat ™.

100 Fleeting Thoughts on Information

Mary, and Mom, and Serial Commas.

Dance With The Skullboy What Brung Ya!

Strip Search contest ending! Vote Skullboy!

Dear John and John,

you are officially not my favorite band anymore.