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Monthly Archives: July 2001

Like a Dead Elephant/Garbage Like Dead Elephants

Leanne and I had an unconscionably heavy bag of garbage to lug out to the dumpster. We ended up carrying it on a stretcher made of a baby-blue towel. It’s like a dead elephant, Leanne said, wrestling it into the dumpster’s mouth. heh heh heh with no apologies whatsoever to Papa Hemingway Why can’t you […]

A Month In Lesson Plans

or, Arts And Crafts For The Spiritually Drained Post-Graduate or, Non-Alcoholic Drinking Games For The Graphomaniacally Inclined Another Web Tutorial These are my last days at the workshop. I have driven the last of my kids from web staff to the airport, some of the same kids I had “brought into this world” when I […]

It’s Ice

Think about going backward. Think about going forward. Think about hard surfaces. Think about slick. This is the first time I’ve been ice skating since I learned to drive.

Blink And You’ll Miss Us

Kube and I went out to the Lawn today and performed for the University’s RotundaCam. We were there right before sunset, standing right in front of the statue in the foreground forming letters with our bodies. Watch for the couple who comes to have a picnic — they showed up shortly before we did. At […]

We Love Anthropomorphic Little Blobs

There is a Flash version of everyone’s favorite classic, Puyo Puyo. Please don’t start playing if you’re working on a term paper.

Just Call Me Mr. Butterfingers

Just looked at Emo Phillips’s Website for the first time. Check out his list of times he’s been struck by a typewriter, and his recipe for cole slaw.

I Am Looking For Something, And It’s Not Here (Baby Gonzo II)

Scene: A high-ceilinged bookstore, downtown Charlottesville. White pillars. The air is cool. I’m on the scene keeping an eye out for the workshop’s nonfiction class, who are on their highly sensitive Gonzo Journalism assignment. I am looking for a book — Glass, Beans, Paper — by Leah Hager Cohen. (I have the name wrong; it’s […]

From a letter to James G.

things are going much better here. The [kids] from first session have left, and in their place there are now 40 alumns and 48 older and wiser newbies. They don’t wait for us to hold their hands; they know what this place is all about, and they set to their mission without prompting, laying creative […]


Sleeping and showering and eating and hanging out with the same people all day, every day, I am reminded how much I hate smalltalk. I go sit with Carlos at lunch. I hang my head over my same-iceberg-lettuce-ad-infinitum salad and ask him how his suite is. Good. He asks me how I am. Good. Leanne […]

Arse Poetica

Why I gave up writing poetry.