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Monthly Archives: April 2005

Arrivederci Espada

It’s tiiiiime for uuuuusss to paaaaart…

Everybody East Side West Side Heyyyy-oh Heyyyyy-oh!

Chris Onstad’s blog.

Neck Face In The Ivory Tower

Jessica Hochman of Teachers College displays a photo of a Neck Face tag in the course of a panel on grafitti as a form of youth-centered pedagogy.

Ugly, But Functional!

Comments are working again!

A Very Tiny Circus

A few months back I was daydreaming about the horse video game I want to create, and got a little ridiculous — started thinking about the headshot I’d want if I ever got interviewed about said game.

B!tch, B!tch, B!tch

B!tch publishes me, I promote Lynda Barry, again.

Ol’ White Guy News

Welcome to the second in a series of Crusty White Celebrity Guys Teach You How To Dance

Life in New York

Pictures from around New York and Columbia, circa January-March 2005.