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Monthly Archives: August 2000


Selected headlines of articles on intelligence from Smarter teens delay having sex Mar 03, 2000 (Reuters) Parents influence IQ more than birth weight does Jul 20 (Reuters) Surprisingly Smart: Hollywood’s Educated Icons Childhood intelligence linked to timing of menopause NEW YORK, Jul 21,1999 (Reuters Health) First impression usually right when it comes to IQ […]

Ira Glass/John Linnell Fans Rejoice!

Detritus: Do YOU Know The Way To San Jose?

Monkeys! it’s SCIENCE, you know! * * * * * Things I learned at work today: If you walk into a room when someone is talking about you, you will have a long life. If you hold the toes or fingers of a new baby, you will be its godparent. (I think I misunderstood this […]

Detritus: The Only Good Thing About Tuesdays…

…is that I am one of the first people in New York City to get a fresh copy of the Village Voice. My dance studio’s right next door to the Voice, so even though my tango class at Sandra Cameron’s SUCKS (the teacher is repetitive and slow to the point where my mind wanders so […]

Technical update

Ugly, ugly, ugly.

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Notes From New York: The City Encompasses Everything And Puts Us In Mind Of Lost Places We Once Knew

adapted from a paper journal, one of those things you should hunt down when I’m dead. Smalls. A basement jazz club somewhere down in the really expensive southern artsy part of Manhattan (10th st.) Not for nothing the name. Large photo of a smiling guy at the front of the room onstage, his knees hugged […]