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Monthly Archives: February 2003

Cheese-Eating Surrender Monkeys!

Where did that phrase COME from, anyway?!


Now, don’t go getting any funny ideas.

Anal Sex, Absinthe, and Bacon

Dlove and a special sauce.

Various personal notes

Problems with my iMac’s internal CD/DVD drive; no problems with UC Riverside; I am no longer living in the stone age.

What Happened To The Writers Who Were In World War I

From Cat and Girl.

Detritus: Push Me Pull You

Temp agency appointment the other day. Is there some reason that so many temp agencies in this city hire Irish women as receptionists? I would guess it’s the accents, but maybe there’s some network involved. There certainly is one for Irish men in construction and carriage driving in the city. Everything went pretty well… this […]

From the “Wish I’d Written That Headline” Department

“Grateful Dead now ‘Dead'”

All this time…

I was convinced the word “erstwhile” meant “earnest.”

From the Vaults: Eyebrow Problems?

The Eyebrow Problems advertisement was eventually used as a party invitation.