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Monthly Archives: February 2003

Cheese-Eating Surrender Monkeys!

Where did that phrase COME from, anyway?!


Now, don’t go getting any funny ideas.

Anal Sex, Absinthe, and Bacon

Dlove and a special sauce.

Various personal notes

Problems with my iMac’s internal CD/DVD drive; no problems with UC Riverside; I am no longer living in the stone age.

What Happened To The Writers Who Were In World War I

From Cat and Girl.

Detritus: Push Me Pull You

From the “Wish I’d Written That Headline” Department

“Grateful Dead now ‘Dead'”

All this time…

I was convinced the word “erstwhile” meant “earnest.”

From the Vaults: Eyebrow Problems?

The Eyebrow Problems advertisement was eventually used as a party invitation.