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Monthly Archives: November 2000

Detritus: Meant For A Long-Running Unfinished Work

Today we found a working pencil sharpener in class– one of those objects which draws attention as if it were an enchanted carpet or broom. The sound of it grinding away elicited a deep urge in all of the kids to come get their own sharpened. Narovi appeared with a perfectly functional pencil. She smiled […]


The Popo Village project, which I started a year ago in an attempt to make the Annotated Hypertextography Of My Interests (i.e. collection of links) more interesting, is FINISHED and UP and now you can always visit it by clicking the “Return to Popo Village Map” or Return to My Room links in the left […]

Detritus: A Luaka Bop P0rn Thanksgiving, In Which I Address Celebrities

I’m not really sure what the fuss is about Thanksgiving. So many people I know dread having to be with their families for a whole meal. Despite my family’s divorce (two generations of it on one side), Thanksgiving has never had that tension looming over it. I would have loved to be home with my […]


So if I don’t start improving my sleep patterns, I’m going get steadily dumber? stands to reason, I guess. So much for the Fight Sleep campaign.

The White Girl Imagines For A Moment That She Can See The Future And It Is Just As Jimmy Santiago Baca Has Said

There is a shift in the atmosphere in the cafeteria, a low-pressure zone where the director usually stands– the electricity before a storm which makes animals run around like they’re touched in the head.


I finally got around to reading the article in the New Yorker about Blogger. It wasn’t as bad as I’d thought. In fact, it was kind of frivolous; felt like a return to the bad old Tina Brown days. I guess that was intentional. It was a light fluffy piece which didn’t come to a […]

Chat Rooms

I have been using chat rooms and other written forms of electronic communication for seven years now, but every now and again the openness of the medium makes me giddy. I enter a chat room: what does that mean? I can be connected to the forum for hours without saying anything. I can evoke images […]

The Leadership People/ Halloween and the Great Uninterested

There is an industry out there which is training people to run workshops like this. A folder full of xeroxed truisms and a few hours spent falling into each others’ arms to demonstrate trust is its prescription for everything from strained labor relations to troubled youth.