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Monthly Archives: November 2000

Detritus: Meant For A Long-Running Unfinished Work


Detritus: A Luaka Bop P0rn Thanksgiving, In Which I Address Celebrities

I’m not really sure what the fuss is about Thanksgiving. So many people I know dread having to be with their families for a whole meal. Despite my family’s divorce (two generations of it on one side), Thanksgiving has never had that tension looming over it. I would have loved to be home with my […]


The White Girl Imagines For A Moment That She Can See The Future And It Is Just As Jimmy Santiago Baca Has Said

There is a shift in the atmosphere in the cafeteria, a low-pressure zone where the director usually stands– the electricity before a storm which makes animals run around like they’re touched in the head.


I finally got around to reading the article in the New Yorker about Blogger. It wasn’t as bad as I’d thought. In fact, it was kind of frivolous; felt like a return to the bad old Tina Brown days. I guess that was intentional. It was a light fluffy piece which didn’t come to a […]

Chat Rooms

I have been using chat rooms and other written forms of electronic communication for seven years now, but every now and again the openness of the medium makes me giddy. I enter a chat room: what does that mean? I can be connected to the forum for hours without saying anything. I can evoke images […]

The Leadership People/ Halloween and the Great Uninterested

There is an industry out there which is training people to run workshops like this. A folder full of xeroxed truisms and a few hours spent falling into each others’ arms to demonstrate trust is its prescription for everything from strained labor relations to troubled youth.