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Bitch Watch

My first article in Bitch Magazine has been published in the Maturity/Immaturity issue, though I believe it is not online. It’s in the Columns section, On Language specifically. I would say go pick up a copy, but you should really subscribe! Bitch is in difficult straits right now, financially, and they need subscriptions to survive — newsstand sales are not reliable enough, and don’t give them as much money as subscriptions. This is a quarterly magazine, not half as demanding on your time as the New York Review of Books and light on the wallet, too. Great for boys as well as girls. Yes, especially great for the Sensitive New Age Man. (I have to say this; 90% of my readership is composed of doting ex-boyfriends. ok, that’s a slight exaggeration. some of you are not aware yet that you are going to be my boyfriend.)

I cannot recommend Bitch Magazine strongly enough. I have known from the first issue I picked up that I needed a subscription. It is the first feminist publication I read that really spoke to me; it’s not your mother’s panicky, prudish feminism, and it most definitely not Antioch’s code of sexual conduct. Anything that can convince me to switch to Lunapads despite my original gross-out reaction — and some hectoring from a certain avowed-feminist ex-boyfriend who didn’t really understand the ramifications of giving a woman control over her choices regarding her body (on this front) — is great by me!

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  1. Roger wrote:

    “some of you are not aware yet that you are going to be my boyfriend”

    (commences backing away slowly)

    Other seemingly worthy little mags that have crossed my path recently:

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