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Birthday Mixes

By non-popular request (meaning only one person has asked), here are the song listings from the five different CDs I burned to go in the Kissinger pinata:

Bourgeois Love Mix
Song Group Original album
Sleep on the Left Side Cornershop When I Was Born for the 7th Time
Theme For A Nude Beach The B-52’s Bouncing Off The Satellites
Ocean In Your Eyes Smoky and Miho Y Tu Mama Tambien Soundtrack
Didn’t They? Erin McKeown Distillations
Our Game Is Over Figurine The Heartfelt
Soleil Billy Tipton Memorial Saxophone Quartet Box
Nixon’s The One Mono Puff Unsupervised
Club Kissinger for the World Mix
Song Group Original album Genre
Sar Me Khere Avava Vera Bila Rom-Pop Gypsy
Insomnio Cafe Tacuba Y Tu Mama Tambien Soundtrack Rock En Espanol
Mayeya Mongo Santamaria Skin on Skin Salsa
plankton man- elemento n nortec collective the tijuana sessions vol.1 Electronica
aaja sonehya- shaz unknown unknown Bhangra
Sorozo Tabu Ley Seigneur Rochereau Babeti Soukous Soukous
Club Kissinger Rock Mix
Song Group Original album
She’s Boss Psycotic Pineapple Where’s The Party?
Have You Forgotten About The Bomb? Barcelona ZeRo-oNe-INFINITY
Lovely Rita the Nields Gotta Get Over Greta
Blackbirds Erin McKeown Distillations
Xiquexique Tom Ze Fabrication Defect
La Mer Little Rabbits Radio (?)
Dancing Sausage Birthday Mix
Song Group Original album
Como Ves Ozomatli Self-Titled
Cry 4 Help Har Mar Superstar Self Titled
Like Humans Do David Byrne Look Into The Eyeball
Disseminated Soul Coughing Irresistable Bliss
Lafitte’s Squirrel Nut Zippers Perennial Favorites
Casino Soul nortec collective/fussible the tijuana sessions vol.1
Power Lunch Har Mar Superstar You Can Feel Me
Nixonfolk Mix!
Song Group Original album
Queen of Quiet Erin McKeown Distillations
Falling Star Tom Prasada-Rao Hear You Laughing
Mi Alma y Yo Maria Marquez Eleven Love Songs
Richard Nixon’s Still Alive Tom Prasada-Rao Hear You Laughing
Sar Me Khere Avava Vera Bila Rom-Pop
Subterranean Homesick Blues Bob Dylan various
Didn’t They? Erin McKeown Distillations
Sculptor Dan Bern Smartie Mine


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