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Monthly Archives: February 2002

Jesus Christ, this is news?!

I can’t believe this story on AOL’s news ticker. Yes, Nixon wanted to nuke North Vietnam, but this isn’t “news” — I sat in the Hampshire dining commons four years ago and listened to Daniel Ellsberg tell us the exact same thing; it’s not new, it’s not a revelation at all. If that’s news, the […]

White Collar Crimes

The rule in my house was you do your homework first, and then play. So I learned to steal time from myself.


Somehow I thought the market for stupid cartoons had dried up. I mean, before September 11th we had a nearly-inexhaustible reservoir of postmodern angst. I didn’t think anyone was buying Family Circus-style comics for anything aside from camp value. But Reverend Fun claims to have been “too popular to remain on the Internet,” and actually […]

I’m becoming the person my geek friends hate.

This morning Lee Spector, best-quality-finest-kind artificial intelligence professor at Hampshire, sent out a note requesting that alumns working in technology drop him a line. Apparently, the college wants to list its techie alumns on its website in order to convince the young people they are trying to lure into wasting four years that Hampshire is […]

Sucks To Be You, Andrews!

So yesterday James asks me why my blog is blue and white… knowing full well it wasn’t, I duly freaked out. Turns out all my files were moved to yada, and thus into the maw of my formerly dormant Moveable Type blog. So here we are, in a sterile layout I won’t stick with if […]

From The Vaults: The Heart’s Dandelions

(This has another part somewhere. Check the archives for the bit about opals.) My roommate came back from vacation outraged about a friend of hers, a boy who had been to her parents’ at Thanksgiving and had apparently been flirting with two of her other friends… had actually gone so far, in fact, as to […]