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Do the Tighten Up!

Hi everybody! We are YMO, from Tokyo, Japan! Now, Tighten Up was very popular in Houston, Texas? With Archie Bell, and the Drells? Now, tighten up! Takahashi! Sakamoto! Yo La Tengo! Lynda Barry! Come on, everybody! Sock it to me, Sakamoto! JAPANESE GENTLEMEN, STAND UP PLEASE! DO THE TIGHTEN UP!

All Things Considered, It Still Tastes Like Mucilage

Fellows! To-morrow I shall be on the wireless descrying a homily on the moral lassitude of frozen-custard vendors!

Jewish Dub And Reggae Are Alive and Well and Kicking Out The Jams in Brooklyn

just in case you missed it.

Now it’s time for a little braggadacio / While I swing my arms like Ralph Macchio

to MC Frontalot, because nerd-core hip-hop is what you’re all about.

OK, Frank, I took my thirty minutes for serendipity

and found something about Gorey aubergines, frogs, and Tigerlillies.

My Favorite Rock En Espanol People

(Sorry, can’t be bothered to fix that tilde-less N.) Cafe Tacuba.

Dear John and John,

you are officially not my favorite band anymore.

We are truly blessed

KCRW to present concerts in NYC.

Something in the air

Nina Simone died.

Bruce Haack! Bruce Haack!

Haack vs Eno: big fight!