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Monthly Archives: March 2002

Thoth Wins!

Thoth, the street performer about whom I wrote an article for the Village Voice, was the subject of a documentary film which was nominated for an Oscar, and apparently it won. Though not without Thoth getting harrassed by guards for performing on the red carpet before the ceremonies. I pitched an article about Thoth initially […]

The Tingley Report, or Full Waffle Jacket Watch

As of 9:03 p.m. EST on Tuesday, March 19th, there were no new posts on Full Waffle Jacket. FBAEW.


Dogs were very appealing at that age; theyÂ’d look right at you, and you could give them the crookedest smile back and it wasnÂ’t going to unbalance the universe. As for the boy who worked at the shelter… you couldn’t say we ever made conversation.

Metropolis and Hiroshima

I saw the anime Metropolis the other day and I have a lot of thoughts that relate to it, but I’ve been revising a review for for three days now and it still isn’t coming together. Let me just say this: my eyes were in Art Deco heaven; the soundtrack uses a jazz repertoire […]

Leavin’ weather.

Sometime this morning I woke up fevered from another nuclear holocaust dream. Sometime last week my neighbor got robbed. Sometime tonight I have to take out the garbage; I don’t think I’m gonna even though it’s spilling over the rim of the can; I’ve been sleepwalking through work so bad I didn’t even recognize the […]

From The Vaults: I Hate New York In June

Excerpted for a piece I wrote for the Omen in April(?) of 1999 MY SPRING BREAK This spring brake I went to NewYork city I did not go with my mom or dad i went With my freinds. Newyork City sucks it is the dirtiest, ugliest, yuckiest jo-jeezly city in the yoonerverse. I would rather […]

A Reason To Call For The Separation of Church, State, and Entertainment

Am I the only one to whom the song Attorney General John Ashcroft wrote and which he is apparently trying to force his staff to sing bear more than a passing resemblance to “Eyes of a Child,” the final credits song from the South Park movie? This coincidence might be eerie (John I-don’t-want-to-hear-nuthin-bout-not-birthin-no-babies Ashcroft watched […]

Oooh… Capatown!

I’ve posted my first review to Neil’s site, movies are awful (formerly movies show limited promise). Should show up in a while, pending approval. If you’re leftier than me, don’t read it. If you like trashy campy films, go for it.