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Monthly Archives: May 2001

We’re Live!

Great googly moogly! My site’s back up! Prayz lawd! Man it’s been a while. got hacked last week, and it *took* a while (cough) for the Anarchist Powers That Be to get it back up. uhh… Many thanks to Kellan and Evan for their help in remedying this situation… aaah, ultimately it doesn’t matter […]

Contemporary Art

Today’s selections: A gewgaw which makes art out of bot-crawlings. (Extra points to the site creators for recognizing the connection between fly-blow and Google.) Tony Earley has excerpts up on Salon. I do wish it was more than excerpts. Tony is my favorite author ever since I saw him paralyze a roomful of snooty author […]

Rock Climbing

I went rock climbing tonight, with Randy, for the first time in years. My arm muscles are in revolt now; they remember supporting my whole body weight off tiny little chips of bolted-on rock, and they don’t want to type. Don’t do that to us again, they say. We’ll give you the jo-jeezly-Barbie-arm rigor mortis […]

Virtual Near E-Death Experiences and other detritus

At about eight tonight I logged onto and discovered the server thought my files didn’t exist. Soon after, the international cabal of geeks managing and indy fixed it up. Thank god I didn’t have time to panic about the disappearance of my life experiences over the past two months. I really need to […]

Little Trips

Went down to Chinatown on Thursday to, uhm, coughÂ… well, I went looking for a place on Lisbon Street (I thought) which a friend recommended which had a lot of Japanese Playstation games, if you grok my drift, but IÂ’d neglected to get directions. So I happened upon a policeman, whose badge said “So” on […]

Little Bronx Chronicles

Last week was Earth Day. The school had a dance. This week, two scrappy evergreen bushes were uprooted from the asphalt schoolyard and put out at the curb with the garbage. Busy little fingers had left them all but bare. Now there is only one evergreen left. * * * * Everyone’s doing a dance […]

Should You Invest In An Ant Farm, A Llama, Or A Skunk?

Stupid internet gimmicks #304,033: AOL has a little gewgaw which will tell you which pet is best for you. It’s telling me a gerbil would be better for me than a guinea pig, but that hermit crabs would be most preferable. (Both of mine are dead.) It also recommended hedgehogs, sugar gliders, degus, and skunks […]

Happy May Day

Happy May Day from IndyMedia, rtMark (which wants to reminds us that May Day is a holiday, and which was the launching ground for distribution of this flyer today at Nike stores around the world), and Reuters, which is sort of dazedly reporting that people all over the world (Bulgaria, Zimbabwe, Australia, South Korea, Britain, […]