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Monthly Archives: July 2002

City of Boredom?

Talk or don’t talk, all right? Enough with this pussyfooting around about your blog full of “random rants.”

Desultory Music Review

At H2K2, there was a guy who addressed peer-to-peer music sharing. (Later, he made a pass at me, and I apologized and said I was taken and gave him my card. Where did he go? silly.) One of the things he kept saying is that we canÂ’t be ashamed of sharing music. WeÂ’re not stealing; […]

Does this make my blog look phat?

Hey, can y’all check in and let me know how the DSWJ looks to you on your different browsers/monitor sizes/OSes? I have had some comments that Netscape makes it all ugly (which is weird, because MT seems to be otherwise configured to work better with Netscape than IE, and this is basically the MT default […]

Thunderbirds are GO!

Sweet! It appears everything’s back to normal around here, or at least patched up enough to give a semblance thereof. *cracks knuckles* Main column, right column, category headings… well, the archive page is still busted, but that’s easy enough to fix. The old stuff from the side column is going away for the time being […]

Youthful Escapism

Pictures of me trying to escape as a baby.