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Monthly Archives: April 2004


I am now a contributor to Adorablog, the folks what introduced you to Strindberg and Helium.

Anatomy of Finals Week: Writing a paper on reality and television

… and coming nowhere even close to talking about reality television.

The Further Adventures of Herd Mentality

I still worry that the CIA’s gonna get their hands on all this data someday. Or advertisers.

En La Esquina

Tonight confirmed one of my hunches about the usual shouting at the station. Tonight it was back to normal: ardently but not angry shouting from a bunch of middle-aged Latino men in working-class dress, throwing hands in the air and smacking at articles in folded newspapers. I paused at the elbow of one of the men. De que estamos hablando en est’esquina? I asked. Politica. Cada noche, politica.

My Sister Rocks!

Oh f*** it, she’s so much cooler than you are i can’t stand it.

Detritus: A little meme spread; definite nostalgia

I think our next joint project should be creating a temporary Xephreniaq museum with artifacts and installations. We should do a gallery opening with fancy wine and cheese and invite people who need to know us better.