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Monthly Archives: August 2001

Re: Not To Mention The Rose Of Jericho

See, we need to get you familiar with the corporeal being of bougainvillea. I don’t know, maybe you’ve encountered it as a houseplant — that’s not what bougainvillea is all about. Bougainvillea, left to its own devices, is a force to be wrangled with. It’s the kudzu of the Southwest. It has thorny vines which […]


As you can see, I’m redoing the DSWJ at the moment. Believe me, it’s not going to look like this for long. The remodel is intended to make a distinction between the mindless link propagation and shorter observations I sometimes do — those will now go in a separate column from the main stuff, either […]

Failed Celebrity Encounters #8

James waits until after “Lisa Picard is ‘Famous’” to tell me that in the ticket line, he was standing behind Wallace Shawn. Wallace Shawn! I say. Do you know who his father was?! and am instantly smitten with migraine-force deja vu from the movie. I have nothing to say to Wallace Shawn. What surprised me […]

Misuses of Data #305,756

Drinking wine makes you smarter!

Why There Are Looney Tunes Branded Minivans

While I was teaching an elective on media monopoly at the workshop this summer, the discussion frequently turned to “synergy,” or the “beneficial” mutual ownership of diverse products by large corporations. (Before companies were so keen to put a positive spin on this phenomenon, it was known as “horizontal monopoly.”) A great example of synergy […]

Termite Television

Browsing the Paper Tiger Television (they’re an activist video collective) link list, I found the Termite Television Collective’s Life Story project, in which people have five minutes to tell their life story to the videographer. Onward and upward with alternative TV!

It Also Said, “The Other White Meat”

IÂ’m home, waiting for packages to be delivered. The blast of a truck horn sounds down in the street, so thinking thereÂ’s an off chance it might be the mail dude, I head downstairs. What there is is a funeral, a huge funeral, at the Jewish parlor across the way. Men everywhere in yarmulkes. People […]

Failed Celebrity Encounters #7

Just as the poodle I’m walking squats to take a dump… along comes John Goodman, heading up Columbus with someone I didn’t recognize. I have things planned that I would say to Joel Hodgson, or Denise Crosby, or Ben Stein (I think I’d spit in his face), or Steve Martin (I’d ask him to dance), […]

Forum: The Big Questions — What We Talk About When We Talk About Love

The workshop counselors from the 2001 sessions spent two nights together in a retreat in the Virginia “mountains” after everything had wound down. On our last night together, after the dishes had been cleared, our director spurred us into a discussion along the theme of Raymond Carver’s What We Talk About When We Talk About […]