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Monthly Archives: June 2003

Trends in Lower Limb Amputation

it’s really just a cool title.

So Long, Oolong

Internet superstar Oolong the Rabbit, dead at 8.

Rock on a Spring

Announcing one of the funniest narrative humor writers ever. Plus, how to handle your Gus.

Detritus: G is for Growing Weary of PR Flacks, A is for Agar, Y is for Yuppies…

Researching for Sesame Street sets my brain on fire. Also: I have a crush on the Chrysler Building.

(cue minor key music)

It looks like a centipede, it looks like a daddy long-legs, it hangs out over my bed and doesn’t have a very good grip on the wall — what’s not to love?!!!!

My Birthday

is July 16th.

One Hundred Unfinished Projects

Unfinished projects are definitely my demons. I feel better having purged them. Enjoy.

Today’s Illustrated Delight

All eyes and little skinny legs: Don Hertzfeldt.

System Update

Stout went down, blocking my email for a weekend. Were YOU affected? Wait til you see the SHOCKING new results Fox Five News turned up.


Two degrees from Martha Stewart.