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Monthly Archives: November 2005

How do you type with those things?!

The class tensions of nail length would make an interesting paper.

Catching Up on Others’s Blogs

Because I am terrified of this presentation I am supposed to do at NRC next week, I am procrastinating hardcore in a way which will not make me feel quite as dirty as playing WoW for hours. I am catching up on friends’ blogs. Here’s a selected rundown.

Don’t know whether to be pleased or appalled

“You see, these comments are a conversation. And contributing to the conversation… may even bring you some valuable traffic from the blog readers themselves.”


which make my day.

Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day

Oh, I’m ambivalent. Maybe I don’t want filk in my life after all.

Reproducing News

Media literacy dissertation having kids edit together professional footage.

My Katamari is Tiny!


Radio Silence

Anyone trying to call my cel at the moment will not have an easy time of it.

More Anguish

Because it’s a fun to, any how.

When a kitten comes to your house

Pictures of Frank Black and Sirius Black, foster kitties.