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Monthly Archives: October 2003


Can’t wear the old Star Trek uniform, either.

Airplanes, boxcutters… Quakers?

Alternative colleges portrayed as accomplices to terrorist acts.

Now it’s time for a little braggadacio / While I swing my arms like Ralph Macchio

to MC Frontalot, because nerd-core hip-hop is what you’re all about.

but hoarser; it comes / No Credit Checks / No Interest Chargeas the effects of delirium.

Normally I don’t read spam, but this one with a headline suggesting it could “make the government return your tax money” caught my eye and made me wonder what flavor of rhetoric I would find within.

Wushu? Who knew?

Janice Yeung has made the US Wushu Team!

Here’s something I hadn’t thought of

Art talk vs. craft talk. Discuss.

This is exactly what should happen.

Welcome back, Goldie.

OK, Frank, I took my thirty minutes for serendipity

and found something about Gorey aubergines, frogs, and Tigerlillies.

Think antibiotic thoughts

Estrellita is sick.

You would be excited in the hot battle of Mashimaro

and a police man chasing after Mashimaro.