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Monthly Archives: October 2000

Today’s brightly-colored amusement


Now this is ridiculous.

Jonathan Saves The Day

Jonathan always wears a sweater vest over his uniform shirt. His hair, when I rumple it, is sticky to the touch. He has decided my name is “Ms. Android”– he didn’t misunderstand; he’s joking.

from a letter to Chase

Subject: I laughed until tears came to my eyes (which wasn’t too much of a stretch, seeing as it’s one of those perma-tear days at my house… I screamed myself hoarse at my afterschool class of third-graders today, and then actually burst into tears in front of them. you know there’s no going back when […]


Vote Bush. I mean Gore.

I first heard from Emmanuel Goldstein about this story… as he said, this is too good to be true. The Democrats and Republicans must be using the same ad agency… Update 10/26: It was too good to be true. It was a hoax, as Catherine and Chase pointed out. too bad. At the same time, […]

From The Sick Sad World Department

I thought the headline of this article alone was revolting. In the days of JFK Jr.’s airplane crash I stole all the signs from the LA Times newspaper bins I could around town… they read “KENNEDY CRASH” in big white letters on black. I felt bad for the survivors, so I took as many as […]

I Don’t Want To Sleep

so here’s some more classics from the CACFP vaults. scrambles egg cornflakes kellow pulm cold fish home nad soup gronala bars grean salan Feach toast biskets spag spam twigs yely chicken soap carras sticks totot mix green sala orka fruit desert bananana burget bun spaguettis lectuce tomatoe (Dan Quayle’s goin’ DOWN…)