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Category Archives: Detritus

Detritus: Meme-linky Madness!

I saw my first fireworks the other day, not lit ones, but sodden remains on a beach in Boston where I knew I had been before, on a less beautiful but no less loved day, a ferocious rain coming down on me and my man and making illegible the windows of the car we were in. This time it was a different man, a different ex, a moving van, a brassy day recently polished by a June rain.

Bagpipes in Washington Square Park

I have been in New York for four years now, but somehow, the procession of purple-robed, mortarboarded adults coming down Washington Place and proceeding through the park on a Wednesday afternoon felt like the weirdest thing I’d seen in the city yet.

Anatomy of Finals Week: Writing a paper on reality and television

… and coming nowhere even close to talking about reality television.

Detritus: A little meme spread; definite nostalgia

I think our next joint project should be creating a temporary Xephreniaq museum with artifacts and installations. We should do a gallery opening with fancy wine and cheese and invite people who need to know us better.

Detritus: The Homefront

Butt in the air, hands on the keyboard, chickens in the shed.

Detritus: “Kind of social… Demented and sad, but social.”

I’m having a maudlin evening in which it seems all I can think about, one way or another, is my relationships with people.

Detritus: It’s Too Darn Hot

Dance class like math class, questions of purpose, activity on the Crip Walk site, and how I would change other people if I could.

Detritus: G is for Growing Weary of PR Flacks, A is for Agar, Y is for Yuppies…

Researching for Sesame Street sets my brain on fire. Also: I have a crush on the Chrysler Building.

Adventures in Communication: Bulleted Lists

Men who won’t get off the elevator, subway riders with monster balls, public officials with marbles in their mouths and doctors with REALLY BAD HANDWRITING.

Detritus: Physical Attributes of Queens, etc.

Baby birds, the end of the universe, the beginning of graduate school, and weak men.