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Category Archives: Nipponophilia

Do the Tighten Up!

Hi everybody! We are YMO, from Tokyo, Japan! Now, Tighten Up was very popular in Houston, Texas? With Archie Bell, and the Drells? Now, tighten up! Takahashi! Sakamoto! Yo La Tengo! Lynda Barry! Come on, everybody! Sock it to me, Sakamoto! JAPANESE GENTLEMEN, STAND UP PLEASE! DO THE TIGHTEN UP!

Today’s serendipity

Burakumin and Pipe Dream.

Ask yourself: With what satanic force are his eyes glowing?!

Arnold Schwarzenegger hawks pep drinks in Japan, laughs maniacally.

What’s Going On, Here?

When Rat Fink meets Engrish on a pulp novel cover, it’s really not something you pass up.

Matrix Ping Pong

My jaw *dropped*.

Trixie Belden Yaoi

Jim took Mart roughly by the scruff of the neck and said, “C’mere, you scamp… the horses have gotten out of the barn and we’re all alone…”

The Man Behind The Moogle

Yoshitaka Amano and Arthur Rackham.