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Monthly Archives: November 2003

Woodcuts make for dramatic porn!

Erotic bookplates at the San Francisco Public Library, also Russian woodcut animation.

Chu-chu rocket — The cat is scary!

And now, the dance remix!

“Don’t hafta. Not tellin’.”

Berke Breathed is back in the comics pages.

Hey Ariel, are you out there?

Family photos from a couple of years ago now up online, come and get ’em.

I Heart Sight Gags

Jon Land has designed a thong. Intended for wear by women. Mmmmhm. That Jon Land.

Sideshow Dolls

Men without legs; undies made out of shirts. Get Crafty.


“How do you ever intend to effect sustainable social change if you keep moving around?” I asked him, cheekily. “Who said I did?” he responded. When I pushed him a little more, he allowed that he wasn’t sure he believed in change.

Planning Ahead

Going to Seattle in January. Who will be there?

Grey Hair

Two of them, right in the middle of my scalp.