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Monthly Archives: September 2002

I am Basho! I am Bashooooooo!!! (pumps fists)

Haiku and props for said. Did I mention the right-hand column is all about self-promotion? yeah.


Bonbon animation.

What NOT To Do With Photoshop

Stupid Photoshop tricks; intimations of a Steve Madden campaign. And the Venus of Willendorf.

Emotion Watch

The vacuum non-sequitur.


Halfrobot’s name-the-websafe-colors page.

New Features

Artwork, feedback form.

From The Vaults: Ley Fuck You

An early attempt to get into Michael Lesy’s class: road trip to Magog and points north.

The Public-Screaming Clause in the No-Meddling Agreement

Deeply #2

The Poop Report.