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Monthly Archives: April 2003


Life’s too short for matching ones.

Randy in the Hills of Thailand

Imagine what that would mean to someone from the UK. He goes by Davis now.

Neil wants to hoard it for himself, and Jacob doesn’t want to go,

the Bowery Bowel Movement Comic Jam.

OK, so maybe Canadians aren’t so great…

Hammy the Hamster?!

Something in the air

Nina Simone died.

Bruce Haack! Bruce Haack!

Haack vs Eno: big fight!

A New Meaning For “Polyphony”

I love Bruce Haack and Emperor Norton Records.

My next job will be working for a meat-industry site…

Beef: It’s coming to get your daughter.

How to waste your time today

The dialect survey.

Ceci N’Est Pas Une Pussy

Being Jon Land.