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Monthly Archives: August 2002

Voices features highlights

Ice cream, Frankenfish, and the guy who dances salsa with a doll.

Social Discomfort And Social Diseases

A night with German Cars vs. American Homes; a morning with the security guards.

Looking for a media career in a growth industry?

Layoffs got you down? Hey, the Navy’s got your number. “What will I do?” you might ask? Well, the job posting on HotJobs replies, “As a videographer with a combat photography unit, you might develop a training video for an Explosive Ordnance Disposal team. As a Photojournalist, your images of a humanitarian-relief operation in a […]

Stupid Media Tricks: Hyperion Books

Where I’m staying for August the browser is set to boot to ABC’s news site. I noticed yesterday that the headline news was about a book about September 11th. The headline is still there today. Curious, I thought; why is this particular book making such a splash? There’s lots of books about September 11th out […]

Testing survey software

I’m trying out some survey software. Click here to help me.

Detritus for Elokuu

Going to college; The Making of a College; why we don’t crimp and program at the same time; no talking, just head; empty threats and Fred.

Mr. Softee

Like all street vending, ice cream trucks are more of a phenomenon in New York City than they were in suburban Southern California, where I grew up. As a result of my sheltered upbringing, I have a tendency to see them as a nuisance rather than viewing them through a lens of childhood nostalgia. I […]

Post ‘Em If You Got ‘Em

It’s like when people got arrested on the subway wearing their new red power suits…

Good God

One degree of separation from a Memepool story today was Ship of Fools, which bills itself as “The Magazine of Christian Unrest.” Every earful of religious questioning I catch makes me deeply relieved. Check out their “Fruitcakes” section.

San Diegan Teen Prigs Say “Go Back Home And Sit On Your A$s — It’s Healthy!”

San Diego Union Tribune article demonizes DDR for drug imagery.