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Monthly Archives: June 2001

Henry Kissinger, Oh How I’m Missing Yer

One of Tony LakeÂ’s and my assignments after each of the sessions in Paris with Le Duc Tho was to doctor the transcripts so that Henry would look good for posterity. There was a deliberate and conscious and very elaborate falsification of the record, including the insertion sometimes of humorous and erudite remarks that had […]

Pa’lante La Dada: The Internet, Where Smalltalk Becomes Meaningful

Seen on Yahoo: Hot Topics · Talk about the Weather! (among the subtopics: Best Weather, Extreme Weather, Acid Rain. A lot of these people are asking about


There has never been a Kuro5hin story that struck me quite like this one. Innovative, and interestingly written. Ultimately I guess it’s petit jeux, but it’s a worthwhile etude to think about the effects of domestication. It also provided a link to the study on the domestication of foxes I learned about in Ray Coppinger’s […]

Department Of Stupid Media Tricks: Reverse-Engineering AP Articles

Some AP and other newswire articles seem to be not just flatulent prose taken straight from PR bulletins (be that from companies or tourist bureaus), but also take on a coating of cheese from the fatuous personal fixations of the stringers regurgitating their content. I come to the latter conclusion under the presumption that John […]