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Monthly Archives: March 2003

Shut ‘Em Down!

IMF? Shut it down! War in Iraq? Shut it down! Capitalist exploitation? ok, now we’re getting into too many syllables for a good chant…

Name That Dread-Inspiring Sound

The iMac internal combo drive says, “Hee-haw!”

It’s All Over…

Ringy padingy paDING paTONG…

That Envelope Did Look Suspiciously Skinny…

Grad school acceptance tally.

This one’s for Irons

It’s a Bargin!

Two Down

First Riverside, now UCLA.

Happy Belated Birthday

to The Twins.

Happy Belated Valentine’s Day

Beetlebug Valentines, 2003.

Help Me Out, Here

Self-induced insomnia.

Getting To Know Our Future Homeland: TV Station Banner Ads You Won’t See In The US

Chaud time on Canada’s First, Canada’s Finest TV station.