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Monthly Archives: February 2001

Bonsai Kittens.

Bonsai Kittens. Don’t try it at home. Just don’t.

Aquaframe, I was wrong, it’s an ordinary day…

I am now the proud owner of an Aquaframe. An Aquaframe is one of an increasingly diverse line of products which feature little plastic fish which, as if by magic, swim around in a plastic tank. Apparently it has something to do with magnets, although I have seen huge freestanding tube ones which are bubble-powered. […]

Today on the Subway

I’ve got a new blog up called Today On The Subway. I’m hoping to find other people who are interested in observing subway life to contribute. There have just been too many weird and beautiful things happening on the subway not to comment. The other day there were these two snaggle-toothed guys who were quite […]

Internet-Correspondance Repair

With the long-distance help of my dad, I am fixing a lamp which was a New York street find. This follows in a peculiar tradition of long-distance repair between the two of us, the most notable moment being the time when my dad accurately diagnosed the ominous scraping sound coming from the wheel wells of […]

Bush movements

Somehow I expected that Bush would be cutting corporate welfare, but I’m still a little startled… Why did I guess this? Well, Clinton did all sorts of things to betray his party in being so middle-of-the-road… doesn’t it stand to reason that Bush would have to do some of the same to follow up on […]

Si Fulano…

When did Paul Simon and David Byrne switch personalities without my noticing? A review of Simon’s “You’re The One.”

The Temporary Home Of The John “Chauncy Berry” Seabury Fan Klub

Hey look, gang! My cousin was nominated for a Grammy! Way to go, John! Gee, I wish someone had told me EARLIER (ahem); I would have cast my precious Recording Academy vote for him, but you know, Billboard was all on about Madonna’s packaging, I mean her PACKAGING, because if you noticed the whole damn […]

All Your Base Are Belong To Us

It’s sublime. Finally a winner in the ongoing worst-possible-translations contest. Also in the category of portentous incongruous juxtaposition. Makes the little hairs on my back stand up straight. Sub Lime.

Pat Boone and Eminem

Pat Boone and Eminem, sittin’ in a tree…

Found Documents: California Calendar Journal

I discovered that I’d written the following down in the back pages of an old wallet calendar. Sometimes in college a situation or discussion seemed so important I decided I must write it down right then and there for a later assignment or personal project. It bothers me no end that I have no idea […]