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Category Archives: Old Friends

From a letter to a pregnant friend

A month or two back, two girlfriends of mine announced their pregnancies in a single email (knowing a couple of us from the old gang aren’t on Facebook anymore). Recently, a few of the gang who are still near our hometown got together for dinner, digging up some tensions which our group hadn’t really acknowledged […]

Hello, Hello

There’s something about viewing the full life of an artist that’s comforting. Clay didn’t get a full, long trajectory of his own, and it feels like a horrible cosmic mistake. But he’d played a prodigious number of songs for a kid his age.

Ugly Rumors About Hampshire

Grades? At Steve Weisler’s request?

How He Stopped Worrying And Learned To Love The Israeli Army Laundry Soap

“All recruits are given a physical “profile” number, the highest being 97 (it is said that the extra 3 points are taken off for circumcision).”

Now You Can Buy Spam, Too!

The Spam Letters hits the press.

The Further Adventures of Herd Mentality

I still worry that the CIA’s gonna get their hands on all this data someday. Or advertisers.

My Sister Rocks!

Oh f*** it, she’s so much cooler than you are i can’t stand it.

Our Princess Is In The Ivory Tower

is what they would have titled the article, if the newspaper-reading audience of the US was even mininally 133t. but it’s not.

I Heart Sight Gags

Jon Land has designed a thong. Intended for wear by women. Mmmmhm. That Jon Land.

Wushu? Who knew?

Janice Yeung has made the US Wushu Team!