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Monthly Archives: January 2001

Chapter Nine: In Which I Think Only Of My Harper’s Application

I am linking to this blog only because of the picture in the margin. I would include this picture in my application to intern at Harper’s if I thought they would understand just how eerie the juxtaposition of Anime-style art and a Confederate flag is. It’s their kind of weird, I think, but still I […]

Well well lookie!

I have fanboys! Nice to meet you, Flip and RJ.

Lists: Miss Angeles Calls Roll

Lucky me — I got to compare the list of after-school kids with the list of school kids at work today. The woman who handed me this task looked at me apologetically. It’s hard to convince people that I don’t mind brainless routines which involve lists — same reason I’ve enjoyed doing menus for Nat. […]

This post has been arrested for posession of an incendiary device.

This Is A Website About Ken Burns

So today I come home to a big juicy envelope from Hampshire College. Oh goody, I think. My transcript? Maybe a copy of the alumni magazine, which for some reason I don’t seem to get? No such luck. It’s the president’s report. It’s got an ugly gold cover, and it’s called “Assessment and Innovation: The […]

Bodies: The Ultrasound

I tend to think of myself as being one piece. If I must be a number, I would like to be an integer. Whole. On the ultrasound table, I thought I should re-figure myself.

Detritus: Leftist links, Langston Hughes

I am really not sure how got past my notice… here, to make up, I will proclaim my hipness by noticing that rTMark affiliates the Yes Men slipped a fake WTO rep into a conference in Austria somehow. Breathtaking. I still don’t understand why I can’t find someone to pay me to pull that […]

Pa’lante La Dada: Capitalism Becomes Surrealist Humor

I love the Internet. When you do searches on certain search engines, they will give you suggestions of where to go, mostly pointing you at places to buy things. So when I did a search for a bread icon on AltaVista, it suggested: Extend Your Search for bread: Shop the web for bread Find bread […]

Dirty Sock Redux

Alex Hessler has put up some pictures of our trip to Death Valley. Boy haz some photo skillz! In addition to the great shots from Dirty Sock, I’m really fond of this very hep one taken atop the Stovepipe Dunes. When I get mine developed, provided the sand in my disposable camera didn’t scratch the […]