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Monthly Archives: January 2001

Chapter Nine: In Which I Think Only Of My Harper’s Application

I am linking to this blog only because of the picture in the margin. I would include this picture in my application to intern at Harper’s if I thought they would understand just how eerie the juxtaposition of Anime-style art and a Confederate flag is. It’s their kind of weird, I think, but still I […]

Well well lookie!

Lists: Miss Angeles Calls Roll

Lucky me — I got to compare the list of after-school kids with the list of school kids at work today. The woman who handed me this task looked at me apologetically. It’s hard to convince people that I don’t mind brainless routines which involve lists — same reason I’ve enjoyed doing menus for Nat. […]

This post has been arrested for posession of an incendiary device.

This Is A Website About Ken Burns

So today I come home to a big juicy envelope from Hampshire College. Oh goody, I think. My transcript? Maybe a copy of the alumni magazine, which for some reason I don’t seem to get? No such luck. It’s the president’s report. It’s got an ugly gold cover, and it’s called “Assessment and Innovation: The […]

Bodies: The Ultrasound

I tend to think of myself as being one piece. If I must be a number, I would like to be an integer. Whole. On the ultrasound table, I thought I should re-figure myself.

Detritus: Leftist links, Langston Hughes

I am really not sure how got past my notice… here, to make up, I will proclaim my hipness by noticing that rTMark affiliates the Yes Men slipped a fake WTO rep into a conference in Austria somehow. Breathtaking. I still don’t understand why I can’t find someone to pay me to pull that […]

Pa’lante La Dada: Capitalism Becomes Surrealist Humor

I love the Internet. When you do searches on certain search engines, they will give you suggestions of where to go, mostly pointing you at places to buy things. So when I did a search for a bread icon on AltaVista, it suggested: Extend Your Search for bread: Shop the web for bread Find bread […]

Dirty Sock Redux