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Monthly Archives: November 2002

Car Vs. Computer

That new old dichotomy: machine vs. machine.

Linguistic Causes Of Dyscalculia?

Long periods of silence, and then — out of the blue — a horrible piece of pseudo-academic claptrap.

I Know What You Did Last Halloween, Or At Least I Have A Vague Kind Of Sense Of What You Were Up To

Halloween pictures from Petridish.

Like, totally.

Val-speak filter for websites.

That’s the letter F and the letter U…

Bert and Ernie gay; the old feminist song sketch on Sesame Street.

Jacob Wins!

Jacob wins Dark Horse, but Brooklyn ninjas loom on the horizon.

Phone trouble?

Both of my phones are busted.

Last Chance — Vote Jacob!

Voting for Jacob’s Dark Horse entry.

Electronica Primer

Well, if it’s got a beat of exactly 133-141 bpm, then it’s OBVIOUSLY applecore.