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adapted from journal entries

cw: family grief 1/27/16 Of all the moments here at my grandmother’s, the one that felt the most… important? I dont know, words fail—was going through the top right drawer of her dresser, looking for the ring. Being in Dee’s room at all. Mom and me and my sister looking at her bookshelf. Not the […]

From The Vaults: Poetry Jar

At some point earlier in my life I had decided this system of writing down and randomly choosing ideas would be my means of staying fresh as a writer, of staying disciplined and busy. I never made use of the jar; systems like that have a way of frightening me off once I devise them. So I’m getting rid of it now, but I thought I’d post the contents.

One Hundred Unfinished Projects

Unfinished projects are definitely my demons. I feel better having purged them. Enjoy.

From the Vaults: Eyebrow Problems?

The Eyebrow Problems advertisement was eventually used as a party invitation.

From The Vaults: Ley Fuck You

An early attempt to get into Michael Lesy’s class: road trip to Magog and points north.

Youthful Escapism

Pictures of me trying to escape as a baby.

From The Vaults: Summer Evening Dinner With Seismologists

From The Vaults: Letter To A Timid Traveler

From The Vaults: Opinion Poll

From The Vaults: I Hate New York In June