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Category Archives: From the Vaults

From The Vaults: Poetry Jar

At some point earlier in my life I had decided this system of writing down and randomly choosing ideas would be my means of staying fresh as a writer, of staying disciplined and busy. I never made use of the jar; systems like that have a way of frightening me off once I devise them. So I’m getting rid of it now, but I thought I’d post the contents.

One Hundred Unfinished Projects

Unfinished projects are definitely my demons. I feel better having purged them. Enjoy.

From the Vaults: Eyebrow Problems?

The Eyebrow Problems advertisement was eventually used as a party invitation.

From The Vaults: Ley Fuck You

An early attempt to get into Michael Lesy’s class: road trip to Magog and points north.

Youthful Escapism

Pictures of me trying to escape as a baby.

From The Vaults: Summer Evening Dinner With Seismologists

From The Vaults: Letter To A Timid Traveler

From The Vaults: Opinion Poll

From The Vaults: I Hate New York In June

From The Vaults: The Heart’s Dandelions