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TSA Experience, 101117

As I’ve been following the movement to resist the use of backscatter scanners at airports, and people are being encouraged to report their experiences to the ACLU as well as the general public, I thought I should report my experience with the TSA this morning:

En La Esquina

Tonight confirmed one of my hunches about the usual shouting at the station. Tonight it was back to normal: ardently but not angry shouting from a bunch of middle-aged Latino men in working-class dress, throwing hands in the air and smacking at articles in folded newspapers. I paused at the elbow of one of the men. De que estamos hablando en est’esquina? I asked. Politica. Cada noche, politica.


Excavating the Sunnyside house, the Altadena house, Sly’s shack and Salinas.

Leavin’ weather.

Sometime this morning I woke up fevered from another nuclear holocaust dream. Sometime last week my neighbor got robbed. Sometime tonight I have to take out the garbage; I don’t think I’m gonna even though it’s spilling over the rim of the can; I’ve been sleepwalking through work so bad I didn’t even recognize the […]

Re: Not To Mention The Rose Of Jericho

See, we need to get you familiar with the corporeal being of bougainvillea. I don’t know, maybe you’ve encountered it as a houseplant — that’s not what bougainvillea is all about. Bougainvillea, left to its own devices, is a force to be wrangled with. It’s the kudzu of the Southwest. It has thorny vines which […]

Little Trips

Went down to Chinatown on Thursday to, uhm, coughÂ… well, I went looking for a place on Lisbon Street (I thought) which a friend recommended which had a lot of Japanese Playstation games, if you grok my drift, but IÂ’d neglected to get directions. So I happened upon a policeman, whose badge said “So” on […]

Hash Browns In Dirty Sock

I awoke this morning in Death Valley. I had been dreaming that I was training a dogsled team along with a little girl with dark curly hair. My mushers were a mismatched bunch of terrier mutts from the local pound, and I was going to attach them to a tricycle. (It was the most stable […]