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Leavin’ weather.

Sometime this morning I woke up fevered from another nuclear holocaust dream. Sometime last week my neighbor got robbed. Sometime tonight I have to take out the garbage; I don’t think I’m gonna even though it’s spilling over the rim of the can; I’ve been sleepwalking through work so bad I didn’t even recognize the week’s almost done.

What have I been reading? Some half-dozen undone books round the house. Something I’ve been eating makes me round but goes right through me, don’t know what. What have I been writing?

Something’s up. Everyone’s online tonight. We’re all thinking about someplace else; wanting to talk to it. The weather. Got my windows open. The kids from the writing workshop are scheming to see each other this summer. Good weather makes you ponder driving, think about leaving; the summer on the road and time to run away.

yeah, you know you don’t want me to come to Seattle. we should meet halfway. nobody we know has taken a job there.

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