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Category Archives: Pa’lante La Dada

Invented Word Scrabble

For some time I’ve had the idea that I wanted to try playing a game of Scrabble which would involve all-made-up words. The game would be scored on 1) the eloquence of your definition of the word, 2) the reasonableness of said definition based on its relationship to existing roots and affixes, and 3) on-board […]

Blank Textbooks

The textbook marketing and development process is rather like watching sausage get made. It’s an awareness that diminishes appetites.

Everything but country and rap

In conclusion: I am an insufferable music snob.

TSA Experience, 101117

As I’ve been following the movement to resist the use of backscatter scanners at airports, and people are being encouraged to report their experiences to the ACLU as well as the general public, I thought I should report my experience with the TSA this morning:

Epic Moving Day

Last Sunday was moving day. I should describe my new apartment before I explain what happened. My new place is in a building where I lived for the past two years in another unit. The building is excellent: renovated in 2008, no roaches, no bedbugs, laundry on premises, elevators, a guy who sits in the […]


Henry looks like Winston Churchill.

Taking Requests

I have a great quantity of iron-on letters lying around. Will not apply them to your forehead.


Epater les bourgeois! Avec un pantalon de sueur!

When Teachers Try To Be Cool, What’s The Worst That Can Happen?

“One of the important signs of our Lord Jesus’ presence is the development of nuclear bombs that have the capability of annihilating all life upon earth many times over… Such bombs were dropped on the Japanese cities, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, in 1945, and were influential in bringing an end to World War II.”

So Long, Oolong

Internet superstar Oolong the Rabbit, dead at 8.