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On Bicycles

I just wrote up the following for my online dating profile, on a site which seems to be awash with fixie-riding hipsters. Cute boys, but unfortunately bicycle-obsessed. Many of you good-lookin’, smart, down-for-the-cause gentlemen appear to be into bicycling. I generally click through a cute picture and skim down a well-written, funny profile indicating how […]

Someone Else’s Neuroses

Everything in my room was covered with a white, chalky, spotty film of what I can only think of as poison. It was on my accordion case, my alarm clock, my shoes. The floor was covered with dried puddles of varnish, poison, and dead bug bodies, which when handled indelicately would leave blackish-red smears of gore on the pale flooring. Bed bug freaking Vietnam.

Who Am I Reading With?: Genres And Audiences: Or, The Sudden Unwanted Appearance Of Colons In My Blog

Came up with an idea today to go back and address an issue of Internet literacy I obsessed over earlier but didn’t know how to describe. Some work has been done on children’s understanding of genre and intended audience of television shows. In general, kids are pretty sophisticated in their understanding of genres. They are also good at identifying target audiences, as in “this is for kids” and “this is for adults.” But what about their understanding of themselves as a community of watchers?


“How do you ever intend to effect sustainable social change if you keep moving around?” I asked him, cheekily. “Who said I did?” he responded. When I pushed him a little more, he allowed that he wasn’t sure he believed in change.

Grey Hair

Two of them, right in the middle of my scalp.

Part Two: Backwaters and Intergroup Strangerhood

Even with highly-connected avatars like God, the Borg, Camel Toe et al connecting you to people you do not know, there will always be people on Friendster to whom your connections do not extend within a reasonable number of separation degrees.

Failed Non-Celebrity Encounters: or, Strangers

Our generation is bound to have a very different concept of strangerhood than past ones.

100 Fleeting Thoughts on Information

Mary, and Mom, and Serial Commas.

Hyperbolic Estate

When we hit the first line of the studios piece, about the skyrocketing prices of Manhattan real estate, she went all Old Faithful on my ass about how Manhattan has always had wildly overpriced housing, even back when her grandmother was young. “To live in manhattan, you had to live like a god or you lived like a king. There was no in-between,” she said.

Axiom #353

Editors are like boyfriends: