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Did You Know?

Russell Hoban (Riddley Walker author)’s son Wieland is one year younger than me, is a composer famous in his own right (though I suspect he writes music which is hard to listen to), and has written an article about phone ringtones which references that goddamn Theodor Adorno piece about jazz which makes everyone hate Adorno? […]

Tasty drink

Tasty Drink from Precious Roommate.

Lost in San Francisco

Photos from Paradise Lost.


LOLTheorists get theirs.

System updates

About the blog and the move. At the moment, the best way to see EVERY new post is to follow the Archives page; click on the disco sausage icon in the new navigation bar at the top of the screen. Otherwise you can just follow academic posts (buck-and-wing sausage), more personal/informal essays (flamenco sausage), or ephemera from my Internet curation (breakdancing sausage).

Bellis is online!

Bellis Music Camp is alive and well and apparently not living at Canyon Meadows anymore but the kids still enjoy it.

Patrick Stewart funds novice international activists

Through Amnesty International.

Curating YouTube

Kellan said he hadn’t really been into YouTube until seeing “my curating of it.” Interesting to think of link propagation that way.

Someone has hacked together an Eat Poop You Cat gaming server

and I can’t get any work done sitting on this couch.

The Marketing Of This Group Will Be Legandary

Some 42-year-old’s get-rich-quick scheme entailing the Internet, his back catalog of 137 songs he has written since he was 21, and a band of 15 people, or maybe it’s ten, who are between the ages of 22 and 24.