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Monthly Archives: October 2003

Cmon, people, am I the only one in this little blogoclique who speaks Spanish?

No comment.

Operation Moral Compass

Comic brilliance from the relatively new Rock On A Spring project.

Ask yourself: With what satanic force are his eyes glowing?!

Arnold Schwarzenegger hawks pep drinks in Japan, laughs maniacally.

Hello Ideant!

“Similar to the open source software movement, what is needed is an open ijtihad movement to create a multitude of sites for reinterpreting Islam…”

What’s Going On, Here?

When Rat Fink meets Engrish on a pulp novel cover, it’s really not something you pass up.

Full Waffle Jacket Watch

Once Upon A Time in Mexico must really be bad, to drag our almost-three-years-lapsed blogger out of exile.

Telvision Is Not The Message

Celebrity, pop culture references, the Internet and a model of media critique which is starting to sound old-fashioned.