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Category Archives: Engrish

What We Won’t Be This Halloween

or, I Do Not Think That Word Means What You Think It Means.

Chu-chu rocket — The cat is scary!

And now, the dance remix!

You would be excited in the hot battle of Mashimaro

and a police man chasing after Mashimaro.

“Remove her clothes and give her a hub, say ‘Thank you!'”

Shirt with a tie, basic of a gentleman. Huh?

Blood Hunger And Haiku

I just had this line I wanted to write, is all.

How to waste your time today

The dialect survey.

All this time…

I was convinced the word “erstwhile” meant “earnest.”

India-ana — Indiana? Indianiana?

Matrimonial ads, lovemaking suggestions, Nixon papers, Rhythm Dhol Bass, Rukus Avenue, Swapnil Shah. All with chutneyyyy flayyyva! (j/k)

Like, totally.

Val-speak filter for websites.

I am Basho! I am Bashooooooo!!! (pumps fists)

Haiku and props for said. Did I mention the right-hand column is all about self-promotion? yeah.