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Category Archives: Comics

Things Made Out Of Hands

Return to Trevor Van Meter’s site.

Can’t Keep A Good Dog Down

Neil’s latest project: Sparkplug the Dog.


Mooserider Jenny, away!

Dear Sylvie,

“Eggpants” is for you.

Boxing Day? No, Valentine’s Day!

Better than the one about Mrs. O’Leary’s cow, but not as good as the one about mummies and classical jazz.

“Don’t hafta. Not tellin’.”

Berke Breathed is back in the comics pages.

Here’s something I hadn’t thought of

Art talk vs. craft talk. Discuss.

Dance With The Skullboy What Brung Ya!

Strip Search contest ending! Vote Skullboy!

Today’s Illustrated Delight

All eyes and little skinny legs: Don Hertzfeldt.

Comics To Buy

Shill, shill, shill.