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Wushu? Who knew?

My dear old friend Janice Yeung has made the US Wushu Team! She will be representing us at the 7th World Wushu Championships in November. Congratulations, Janice! This is awesome! And I find it highly noteable from a personal historical standpoint: Most of our friends were considered unathletic in high school (with the exception of EriQ and Catherine, who played soccer) and were generally ignored by coaches as a result. We did play some badminton, but the badminton opportunities were generally limited, and there was not much energy put into helping badminton players develop. It flies in the face of the traditional assumptions of high school gym teachers for cerebral folks like Janice to make it on this level, and to some extent it shows up what a sick model for physical development your traditional rah-rah, glory-in-your-athletic-youth high school PE department is. Yay! Go geeks! P.S. I think it is worth noting this combination wushu/b-boy competition

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