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Rock on a Spring

I swear, I nearly wet my pants. It is a damn good thing that Brooke Spangler is finally putting up her own essay site, because she is the best goddamn narrative humor writer I know (and no slouch in other genres, either). (Apologies to my other very funny friends; most of you are in other genres anyway. I mean, Jon does cranky consumer reviews, the folks over at The Weekly Week do surrealist journalism… you know.)

Brooke wins the Thank You For Saving My Ass Award this week. If it wasn’t for her Rock on a Spring bit totally making me lose my shit, I probably would not be making so much headway on the Sesame Street article which has been bedevilling me for weeks. Here’s a tip for those of you who are still baffled by my tendency to self-destruct moments after we make contact: a little levity is always, always, always the best way to greet me. Hey, I think it’s the best way to greet anyone. Asking “how are you?” is more likely to make me dwell on the irritating things of which my life seems to be composed. I am almost always willing to talk to Glyph because he tends to either lead with some compelling new idea he has, or knock me completely clear of my rut with some comically hyperbolic or inappropriate greeting. Jacob had this period where he’d say “HELLEWWWW?” when he answered the phone, which led to soothing, distracting, twenty-some-odd-minute koans of repeating the phrase.

So yes! Be on your toes! All the time! It’s BETTER FOR ME ™ that way. (BETTER FOR ME ™ is a registered trademark of the DSWJ and may not be employed, no matter how appropriately, to describe the self-absorption of any other blogger. We have lawyers, you know.)

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