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Category Archives: MLP

What We Won’t Be This Halloween

or, I Do Not Think That Word Means What You Think It Means.

TV For My Dad

Penn and Teller cry Bullshit!

Vanity Searches

and finds she was a criminal in a movie she’d never heard of.

Tapa tai!

“Don’t think of this as a black show. Don’t write ‘Blackety Black Santa In The Ghetto’ type of shit.” He told me, “Take your Conan quirky stuff and do the exact same thing here, because nobody in black comedy is doing that. Black audiences are being fed the same gangsta horseshit comedy, show after show.” — Chris Rock on Pootie Tang, as reported by Louis CK


is for connoisseurs.

“Have you ever stopped to think how much better blogs would be if Hollywood scriptwriters got ahold of them?”

“Of course you have… you’re not an idiot!”

You know your neighborhood is gentrified when

it has its own blog.

Woodcuts make for dramatic porn!

Erotic bookplates at the San Francisco Public Library, also Russian woodcut animation.

Sideshow Dolls

Men without legs; undies made out of shirts. Get Crafty.

Women Versus Men (in Blogging)

Women journal-blog, while men blog about politics, according to a Blogcensus survey.