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Detritus: Leftist links, Langston Hughes

I am really not sure how got past my notice… here, to make up, I will proclaim my hipness by noticing that rTMark affiliates the Yes Men slipped a fake WTO rep into a conference in Austria somehow. Breathtaking. I still don’t understand why I can’t find someone to pay me to pull that kind of art. ok, well, that story’s a little stale too. While I’m at it I want to call attention to more scary things that rTMark is on top of right now. And this makes me hip even though I had nothing whatsoever to do with them.

I think I’m putting this blog on hiatus for a while. There’s other parts of my site I want to work on– develop a few of the funny little side projects, for instance. I should be posting some major stuff around the time of the inauguration protests, but right now I’m feeling a little too navel-contemplative and should be writing in more private media.

Did have another absurd moment with my third-graders today, though. Noticing that Jasmalyn was doing a mimeographed worksheet on Langston Hughes, I handed her a copy of “A Dream Deferred” which I’d been using in a lesson with her older brother’s class a few weeks ago. She and Amanda got very excited about copying the poem out, which is not my preferred means of getting kids engaged with poetry, but it’s one of the many anti-intellectual appproaches to literature their teachers have beaten into them (along with copying ad nauseam, using writing as punishment, and having kids drill glossary terms by rote rather than giving word definitions in their own terms), so what could I do. At the end of class, in the chaos of flung backpacks and last surreptitious sabotages of the day teacher’s classroom supplies, the two of them and another girl stood before me and read the poem… “what happens to a dream defreanbblt?… does it sang like a heavy load?”, ending with a chorus line of skinny little hips bumping side to side…

sigh… ‘wish the poet laureate of Harlem would wake up….

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