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Contemporary Art

Today’s selections: A gewgaw which makes art out of bot-crawlings. (Extra points to the site creators for recognizing the connection between fly-blow and Google.)

Tony Earley has excerpts up on Salon. I do wish it was more than excerpts. Tony is my favorite author ever since I saw him paralyze a roomful of snooty author types (all of whose stories seemed to begin “They met while completing their master’s degrees in New England…”) reading his story about pro wrestlers. Tony was never without his red baseball cap; he’s balding a little. I found myself doing laundry next to him once that year I was up at Bread Loaf. I still kick myself for not having struck up a conversation. He seemed very laid-back.

I am crashing badly, having been to Hampshire this last weekend for graduation. (There is more to this post, but it is strong stuff, and I’m not posting it now. Suffice to say I didn’t need to go back.)

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